Welcome to the Mediterranean’s oldest shores,

where olive groves have stood proud for thousands of years, yielding something that glitters better than gold. Since the days of Phoenicia to modern day Lebanon, olive oil has been the staple of the world’s healthiest diet.

Nestled in the rich soil of the south.

In Aiin Baal, where our orchards lie, and which is nestled in the rich soil of the south, we have perfected over generations the craft of producing extra virgin olive oil.

This is a fruit of love – a love for land, family, and artistry.


Savor the unique texture and aroma of our olive
oil, a precious elixir carefully extracted from our “baladi” olives – which are mechanically harvested to preserve the trees – so that you can experience this liquid gold within a specifically designed dark bottle, retaining its purity, untouched by the harmful effects of sunlight.

Filled with exceptional taste!

Come see, feel and indulge yourselves.
Step into a world of southern Lebanese hospitality, walk around the garden, between our trees planted as far back as 1929, and experience the flavors from one of the cradles of civilization.

We invite you to share our bottles with your nearest and dearest, around healthy meals, filled with exceptional taste, and tables rich in love and affection. This is our promise – our gift – to you, and we keep our promises.

The world’s best palates have awarded
Nesr Heritage with some of the world’s highest distinctions.

Here are some of the awards we have earned in our journey so far.

Our Products

Nesr Heritage is available in two sizes, 250 ml and 750 ml.

Our bottles are specifically designed to be hermetically sealed, non-refillable (yet easily recyclable) and dark in color to preserve the purity and shelf-life of the product inside.

Our Values


One cannot place such a word into a definition, there is no proper translation for it, it gets built through the years, through families, through roots – both literal and figurative, through morals, through work, through preserving a family name and baring its fruits, again in a literal sense.


Intangibly transmitted from generation to generation, one that is not written in copybooks but through an oral history of people who tried it by trial and error through the years, who use knowledge that comes from years of repetition – where love is always infused within.


We come from a tribe, from a village, from an extended family, from a close-knit place, from where people know people, where they help one another, where everything is built around the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, to raise a tree as well.


Be it through exporting exceptional flavors to new lands, through establishing the family elsewhere, through the upgrade of machinery, or through keeping up with technology and new ways of doing business, or through the evolving sense of new ideas or executing them.

A Tribute of Love for
Land, Family and Artistry